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Tonee Marqus

Cyber Security Consultant

Tonee is a penetration tester with experience in performing security testing of both applications and infrastructure. He has written over 40 blog posts on Medium demonstrating his ethical hacking skills and tools, has competed in many Capture the Flag (CTF) competitions, and has experience in developing Android mobile applications and APIs in Java.

  Tonee has developed and maintained a penetration testing tool called ‘Go Map Exec’, which can rapidly test large networks for instances of weak passwords in remote access services (RDP, SMB, SSH, WinRM). He has also developed and maintained a penetration testing tool called “AD Suit” which is used for Active Directory testing. The tool helps automate tasks such as passing hashes, spraying credentials, pivoting and launching attacks.


Tonee has a Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology (Cyber Security) from Western Sydney University, and is a certified Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) and Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA). When he's not pentesting, expecting to find Tonee drinking his favourite teas.

Tonee Marqus
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