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Penetration testing is the practice of simulating a cyberattack by an expert to identify vulnerabilities and test defences. Using the same tools, tactics and techniques as an adversary, a penetration test can be used to verify the efficacy of controls and to identify the potential impact of vulnerabilities to the organisation. 

The benefits of good penetration testing are: 

  • Visibility of how vulnerabilities could be exploited to more effectively identify and implement security controls. 

  • Gain real insight into the potential impact of an attack, to better judge the risk of vulnerabilities in buildings, systems, applications or devices.  

  • Clear, actionable advice on how to remediate identified issues with advice from our expert consultants with real-world experience in fixing the same issues for other organisations.


To schedule a penetration test

Our Approach 

Our approach leverages both automated and manual tools and techniques, based on the latest threat intelligence, to provide a comprehensive view of your attack surface area. To ensure our findings are timely and accurate, we leverage industry standards such as the MITRE ATT&CK Framework and the OWASP Top 10. We believe that communication is important to any penetration test, including providing a concise understandable report, backed up by presentations to explain any findings and discuss remediation options.  

Our Certifications

We are a CREST certified organisation in penetration testing, signifying a high level of competence, integrity, and technical skill, as CREST requires rigorous examination and adherence to strict codes of conduct. This certification should assure our clients of the quality and reliability of our independently assessed penetration testing services.

Our Experience

Our consultants have performed a wide range of penetration tests on applications, networks and entire organisations. They have developed their own tools to provide value and identify additional vulnerabilities in core areas, such as cloud penetration testing. Our consultants also hold a range of industry-recognised certifications that demonstrates our enduring commitment to providing high-quality penetration testing services, including OSCP and OSWP.  

Key Services 

Our most utilised penetration testing services are:  

  1. Internal Penetration Testing replicates an attacker with access to your internal network - either a malicious insider or a threat that has gained access.  

  2. External Penetration Testing is conducted remotely and replicates an Internet-based attacker attempting to gain access to your network.  

  3. Cloud Penetration Testing simulates an attacker targeting your cloud environment, such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google GCP. 

  4. Web Application Penetration Testing tests a web application, web service or API, replicating an attack based on a threat with various levels of access to your web application.  

  5. IOT Penetration Testing is the identification, assessment and exploitation of various components present in an Internet of Things (IoT) device solution.  

  6. AI Penetration Testing is the process of identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities using AI focused misuse cases.

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