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People are either an organisation's first line of defence, or its greatest vulnerability. That’s why Security Awareness and Education has never been more important. 


The benefits of a cyber-informed workforce are:  

  • Reduction in cyber security risk, as users become more adept at identifying malware and malicious emails, using devices and handling information securely, and navigating the Internet safely.   

  • Increased reporting of cyber security events and incidents, reducing false negatives and the average time between incident detection and response. 

  • Reputational assurance through knowing your information is being stored, transferred, and handled appropriately by staff who understand their roles and your organisation’s cyber policies. 


Our Approach 

We understand that culture doesn’t change overnight. It is vital that your staff understand how cyber security can be an enabler, not an obstacle, to working effectively. Our approach therefore encompasses comprehensive learning needs analysis and business consultation to ensure our campaigns are as effective as possible.  


Our Experience 

We have built and delivered data-driven, high-impact campaigns for some of the world's largest and most high-profile organisations. Our programs cover the gamut from education of the C-suite on spear phishing and regulatory compliance to SOC orchestration and automation.  

Key Services 

Our most utilised Security Awareness and Education services are: 

  • Education strategies, for tracking and improving awareness and engagement via tailored combinations of the services below.

  • Security awareness baselining, through formative assessment techniques benchmarked against the NIST NICE Framework.

  • Security awareness training, for all staff, personnel with elevated privileges or risk, third parties, executives, travel and device security, as well as regular ‘refresher’ sessions.

  • Creative content development, such as blogs, posters, comics, videos, or choose-yourown-adventure courses to provide high-impact, low effort reinforcement of key security concepts.

  • Validation exercises, such as phishing simulation tests, user surveys and threat modelling workshops

  • Designing and facilitating Tailored Crisis or Breach Response Simulations to stress test an organisations people and process and identify shortcomings in a safe and controlled


Whether big or small, get in touch with us today to learn how we can build an awareness campaign tailored to your exact needs and risk profile. 

Security Awareness and Education: Project
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