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Cyber Security Strategy and Management, vCISO, Threat Modelling and Risk Management


Effective security management begins at the top and is driven by a proactive, risk-informed culture. Our Strategy and Management service, led by a virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO), can be tailored to any organisation's requirements, large or small. Our focus is maximising performance improvement while optimising return on investment from your cyber security budget. 


The benefits of engaging a vCISO are: 

  • Access to a broad range of skillsets within a single engagement 

  • Burst capacity’ for when you need it most 

  • Global expertise and extensive security management experience at highly competitive rates 

  • Fast-tracking the maturity of your cyber security culture, through wholistic security improvement covering the people, process and technology domains. 

Our Approach 

Our approach is to provide our clients with a single executive resource as the point of contact and leader who can leverage the collective skillsets of our consulting pool to offer the capabilities of an entire cyber security team in a single engagement. There is no B-Team at Phronesis, so you can rest assured our strategies are time-tested and led by seasoned professionals with the experience to know what works and what doesn’t. 


Our Experience 

We have provided executive support services for organisations around the world covering a broad range of industries, such as critical infrastructure, retail, shipping, oil and gas, and technology and software development. Our vCISO service is grounded on understanding what your organisation needs to thrive, and driving cyber security maturity improvement through consultation, education, and impeccable service delivery. 

Key Services 

Our most utilised services during a vCISO engagement are: 

  • Organisation-wide threat modelling and risk management, to ensure the full spectrum of threats and risks are identified and managed across your organisation. 

  • Security strategy definition and delivery, to ensure your organisation is achieving its cyber security objectives. 

  • Security maturity roadmapping, benchmarked against the NIST-CSF to provide clarity of vision and cost-effective control selection. 

  • Security management and reporting, including program/project management, resourcing support, recruitment vetting, and performance metrics reporting to the board and C-Suite. 

  • Budget analysis and planning, including Annualized Loss Expectancy and Mitigation Ratio assessments. 

To learn more about getting the most value and impact from your cyber security budget, get in touch today!  


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