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Carina Nevill

Operations Manager

Carina has a deep appreciation for culture and diversity and is an avid traveller with a sense of adventure. When she's not exploring the world, you can find her indulging in yoga, wine tasting or planning her next scuba dive.

Carina honed her talent for people management while living in London. She influenced the culture of some of the world's most well-known brands. Her passion for employee engagement, culture building, and removing unconscious bias from the hiring process is what drives her professionally.

With a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Strategic Communications and a minor in Gender, Sexuality and Diversity, Carina brings a unique perspective to her work. During university, she travelled to Mexico for an intensive course in human rights and immigration. This was a turning point in her career and personal journey. It inspired her to use her privilege and knowledge to enact positive change in the corporate world.

In addition to her people skills, Carina has managed multiple buildings with a portfolio of more than 80 companies and over 2,000 members. Her natural talent for operations and projects led her to recently completing a Graduate Certificate in Project Management. 

Carina Nevill
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