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Harry Smith

Cyber Security Consultant

Meet Harry, a tech-savvy professional with a strong knowledge of web applications, infrastructure, cloud security, and technical control implementation - gained from his experience as a penetration tester at one of Australia's largest banks.


Harry has conducted penetration testing and vulnerability scanning on a variety of applications, always taking a comprehensive and business logic-based approach with a focus on remediating vulnerabilities from the OWASP Top 10.


Currently in his fourth year of a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, majoring in Cyber Security, Harry's studies have provided him with a broad theoretical foundation upon which he has built a deep technical specialty. With his expertise and knowledge, Harry is a valuable asset to the Phronesis Security team.

In his own time, Harry is a competitive FPS gamer (CS:GO and VALORANT) who previously streamed on Twitch, a gym junkie, and a certified dog lover.

Harry Smith
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